Fat melters

Designed for melting solid fats and keeping them in a liquid state. Fat melting (fat melting) is used in the fat and oil, confectionery, cosmetic industry. In the food industry, the equipment is used for the production of oils, cocoa butter, margarine, chocolate and other products. Depending on the required performance and the customer's wishes, the fat burner, fat melter is equipped with a lifting or stationary, pipe or knife grate, loading table, as well as a system contactless washing.

The container is a welded structure consisting of an internal bath, a water jacket and a lining, the space between the water jacket and the lining is filled with thermal insulation, can be round or rectangular in shape. The bathtub is on top, has a removable lid.

The tank is equipped with a paddle-type mixing device, which significantly reduces the time of melting fat or margarine.

The bottom of the container is made inclined, as well as of a conical type, which ensures the complete release of the inner bath from the product. 

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