CIP Circulation Washing Stations

CIP sink serves for automatic unassembled sanitary treatment (washing and disinfection) of technological equipment and pipelines at food industry enterprises.

CIP sink includes the following modules:

The working solutions storage module is designed for the preparation and storage of cleaning solutions with a working concentration. It includes:

  • thermos tanks equipped with level sensors, sampling taps, overflow and breathing tube
  • set of pipelines
  • shut-off valve kit

The circulation module is designed for switching the flows of washing water and cleaning solutions. It includes:

  • frame
  • circulating capacity
  • centrifugal pump in chemical design
  • all-welded tubular heat exchanger for heating cleaning solutions
  • steam control system
  • condensate drainage system
  • system for measuring and regulating the flow rate of the solution
  • system for measuring and regulating the concentration of cleaning solutions
  • set of pneumatic valves
  • filter on the cleaning solution return line
  • control panel

The concentrated solutions supply module is designed for mechanized supply of concentrated cleaning solutions and consists of:

  • frames
  • metering pumps
  • a set of fittings and pipelines

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