Mobile forfas

In addition, small enterprises use forfas as additional tanks for the fermentation of young beer, thanks to the ability to regulate the pressure and temperature inside the package because the forfas can be equipped with a cooling coil and insulated from the ambient temperature.

Beer forfas are a revolutionary solution for the distribution and sale of draft beer. They allow breweries to deliver their products to the end consumer in the quality in which they were produced.

The heart of the whole system is a welded tank – front, equipped with fittings for connecting filling and unloading pipelines, compressed air pipelines, a hatch with a lid and, if necessary, a cooling line. The tank is installed at the customer's facility (in a restaurant, bar, point of sale of draft beer), in a refrigerator or in a trading hall when using a cooling system.

The concept of beer forfas is based on the storage of beer in special sterile bags at a constant temperature and pressure inside the forfas, the so-called Bag-in-Tank principle.

The Bag-in-Tank principle is primarily suitable for storing, transporting and bottling beer. This can be transportation from the brewery to the bottling site, where beer can be poured directly from the front.

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