Cylindrical Conical Tank (CCT)

Equipped with polyurethane foam insulation of 50 mm with three cooling jackets (upper U-shaped and on the conical part), a 500x400 mm oval inspection hatch, a lower drain valve with a diameter of Dn50 to remove sediment. The lower L-shaped drain (gander) is rotary.

The CCT is equipped with a tongue-and-groove apparatus, a double-acting valve, a CIP pipeline with a rotary type washing head, and shut-off valves. From the inside, the CCT has a surface with polished seams. All elements are made on collapsible joints for easy cleaning and disinfection.

CCT is designed for a working pressure of 2 bar for effective carbonation of the drink. In the front part of the CCT is equipped with a sampling crane.

Cylindrical – conical tank (CCT) is an industrial vertically installed container with a conical bottom part in which fermentation, carbonation and maturation of beer, wine, cider or kvass take place after cooking. The container is mounted on 4 adjustable legs.

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